About ExistenceID

We believe in Access, Freedom and Privacy, and are using distributed technologies to build empowering tools to provide just that. Tools for busy, increasingly international lives.

About Our Services

Identity Capsule

For super safe keeping and sharing of valuable identity documents. An amazingly secure and private identity capsule for all of your identity documents, even the old ones. The capsule rates your total identity so you can prove that you are real. Only you choose who and when you share different parts of your identity with. It is so private that ExistenceID has zero knowledge of your account.

What ExistenceID is good for?

Saving time finding identity documents - always know where your docs are & know they are safe

Keeping your important documents safe when moving jobs, home or country, whether by choice or necessity (war or natural disaster)

To prove that you are the real person, if someone steals your identity

Preventing lost documents

How do you use ExistenceID?

Simply register an account (which you self authenticate)
Save your identity documents to your account
Choose who and when to share your identity documents with
Add new documents to keep your identity alive


Medical Records - Future Feature

The same amazingly secure storage can be applied to your medical records, so that you can share them with your medical team.

Our Team Members

Katherine Noall

Katherine Noall - Co-founder and CEO - A recognised leader in digital identity, and blockchain and distributed technologies. Katherine has extensive international management experience with technology companies. Her focus is on scaling businesses, with emerging technologies and great teams. She is obsessed with distributed digital identity and all it can do for the world.

Grant Lenaarts

Grant Lenaarts - Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer - Grant has built and advised to range of successful start-ups. Last year one of his major projects was the development of a blockchain equity share platform. Grant is our inhouse coffee guru and user experience champion.

Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson - Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer - Peter is a blockchain and distributed technology expert and community leader. He has a solid history of architecting and building effective enterprise and consumer applications. Peter is blockchain agnostic and focused on the potential of hybrid systems.

Bradley Hughes

Bradley Hughes - CMO - Bradley is an extensive participant in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. As a champion in digital marketing he has worked with technology start-ups and established businesses to drive growth. Bradley is highly experienced digital assets specialist and project manager. A father of three, amateur gardener and avid reader, Bradley enjoys good coffee and craft beer, depending on the occasion.


On Thursday February 2nd, our CEO Katherine Noall was an expert panellist at a DIG-ID event to discuss Digital Identity - What does 2017 have in store?

The event was held at The York Butter Factory, 61-66 King Street, Melbourne.

You can look for the next DIG-ID event here. Also follow the hashtag #DigitalIdentity17.